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How To Purchase URL:

Marketing and branding are important in deciding what URL name to purchase for your website.  Finding and purchasing a URL name that is memorable will help your marketing programs.  If you purchase the right URL name, it will help Web users find your site.  More web traffic of course means higher revenue potential for your website.  So without further delay, here are some suggestions on how to purchase a URL name.  Remember, purchasing a URL is cheap.  If you find a URL you like, purchase URL name it without delay.  Millions of names are purchased every year.  Don’t lose that perfect URL name because you delayed your URL purchase.

How to Purchase URLs With the Right Extensions

There are many url extensions available for purchase from different registrars.  A lot of countries service and sell URLs with their own extension, or has sold the rights to the country extension to a company who has set up shop as the registrar.

Purchasing a URL with a .com extension is preferable.  Most Web users automatically type in .com when they're not sure of a domain name. So, if your domain name is yourcompany.net, users might remember "yourcompany" but most likely will type in .com at the end rather than .net.  A .org is passable if your site is for an organization.  Also, a country code can work well if you’re in a country that folks are used to using the country code as much as .com (like .CA for Canada).   


Hyphens (Dashes)

Many people use the technique of putting dashes in their URL between keywords in an effort to improve their search engine rankings.   For instance:  dental-practice-utah.com.  However, Google and other search engines can now distinguish different words within a URL.  So, this technique is old school.   People will most likely remember your URL name, but will probably forget that your site's domain name has a dash in it. 

Purchase URL Name Without Numbers

URLs that contain numbers have a similar problem as those with a dash – people may remember the URL but type in “four” rather than 4.   Domains that have a high probability of confusing the people that you want to come to your site should be avoided.  Therefore, in general URL names that include numbers shouldn’t be purchased. 

Spelling Considerations When Purchasing a URL

Don't fool around when it comes to spelling! Some people try to play games in this area, but URLs like Kidznetworkz.net just won't cut it - they'll only confuse people.  Don't try to spell something phonetically (the way it sounds when spoken). And whatever you do, don't submit 0 for o -- for instance y0urname.com -- it'll only hurt your site.  Spelling the URL name correctly ensures that people will find your Website a heck of a lot more easily, and your URL name will confuse as few people as possible.  Purchase URLs with the correct spelling.


How to Purchase a URL With the Proper Length

Keep your URL name as short as possible, while maintaining a memorable name.   The longer the your purchased URL is, the more difficult it will be for someone to remember the URL site name.  Also, the longer the URL the more likely someone will make a typing mistake while trying to visit your site.  Try to keep your URL name at 3-4 words together max. 

Purchase URL Name Without Prefixes

Many sites use prefixes in their main domain name. The most popular ones are “i”, “v”, and “e”.  “I” is most commonly for "Internet," “e” for "electronic" and “v” for "virtual." “I” and “e” are fairly common.  It’s preferable to use a URL without a prefix.  But if your perfect website URL is available for purchase with a prefix, it may be wise to grab it. 

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Purchasing a URL that Includes Bad Words is a Bad Idea

Putting any sort of profanity in your URL name will only shock people -- and not in a good way!  People simply will not come to your Website. Profanity conveys a poor image and even if your site has the greatest content in the world, many people will not even bother stop by because of its URL name.  Don't purchase URLs with bad words.

In the future if you're selling products on your website, you may need a HTTPs URL.  You accomplish https by using a SSL certificate.   Visit here, click here, or to this site or go here.


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